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Our eROI Value Approach - Substantiating Environmental Claims

eROI logoNalco helps our customers manage their use of natural resources, and reduce their environmental footprint. Our innovation leads to documenting and communicating quantified environmental and financial results we call eROI.

Our expertise includes a commitment to the core tenets of sustainable development.

Environmental sustainability

Nalco’s mission is to deliver environmentally sustainable and safe solutions that bring value to our customers during their production and processing activities. In doing so, we help our customers gain eROI impact by reducing the demand for non-renewable natural resources, eliminating waste and minimizing the volume and impact of emissions to air, land and water.

Economic sustainability

Our customers demand environmentally safe process solutions, but they must deliver a tangible return on investment. This we deliver through reduced operating costs, maximized production, asset management and the avoidance of expensive regulatory non-compliance.

Social sustainability

Nalco scientists and field engineers conduct their work in environmentally safe ways, to the benefit of the local community and the world at large. Both the results of their work and the way they work positively impact the global quality of life.

Built upon a system of people, processes and tools, our eROI program provides a uniform approach that ensures the value we deliver is aligned with the needs and available natural resources of each customer we serve. We measure eROI value within seven performance indicators:

  • Safety - Reduce handling or exposure of hazardous materials
  • Ecolab eROI Icons: Safety, Water, Energy, Air, Waste, AssetsWater - Treating a range of water qualities in a manner that allows our customers to conserve freshwater or minimize/eliminate contamination
  • Energy - Helping customers reduce the amount of energy they use
  • Air - As we help customers use less energy, we reduce CO2 emissions. We also improve air quality by minimizing particulate matter, SOx and NOx exposure.
  • Raw Material/Waste Reduction - Minimize and/or eliminate waste; Reduce inputs required for end product
  • Asset Management - Improved asset integrity through lower corrosion rates; impact of corrosion rate on asset left; reduction of contaminants wastewater. Improved productivity by producing more with less, reducing maintenance costs, reducing downtime and positively impacting product quality

By better managing your resources, you can:

  • Decrease total cost of operations
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Improve health and safety status
  • Enhance operating and production efficiencies
  • Maximize asset protection and reliability

All of this adds up to increases in quantified environmental and financial impact …eROI. And that equals sustainable profits.

Talk to your Nalco representative today to better understand the eROI value you can gain through improved resource management.