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NALCO Africa
Nalco Africa (Pty) Ltd
1 Ampere road
Chloorkop, Edenglen 1624
PO Box 309
Isando 1600
South Africa

Phone: +27 11 578 50 00
Fax: +27 11 393 15 67

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Research and Development

Nalco's global technology leadership demands a strong commitment to identifying, nurturing, protecting and growing innovative new technologies to meet customer needs today and for the future. Through global research groups, we develop key ideas, advancing them rapidly and efficiently through our product development process.

  • US$80.3 million invested in Research and Development (2010)
  • 600+ chemists, engineers, microbiologists, metallurgists and analytical experts
  • 330+ PhDs
  • 1,800+ patents
  • Increasingly focused on breakthrough developments
  • Regularly partner with customers

Our 14 core Technology Centers, including locations in the United States, the Netherlands, Brazil, Singapore, Finland, India and China, are involved in the research and development of products and offerings and in providing technical support, including chemical analyses of water and process samples. Nalco scientists search for sustainable solutions to benefit our customers and the communities which surround them.


Core capabilities in corrosion and polymer science, industrial microbiology and biofouling control, solid and liquid separation technology, metallurgy, sensor development, data acquisition and process control all provide Nalco with a unique advantage in discovering innovative solutions for our customers. Nalco also has one of the largest teams of microbiologists in the world and has become a major global force in understanding and developing responses to the problem of detecting, monitoring and controlling waterborne pathogens.  We are constantly refining our traditional offerings and reaching further into your process to drive sustainble improvements. 

Because of our research team's interdisciplinary expertise, we have been able to focus on finding solutions to our customers' problem holistically. Ultimately, Nalco's unique strength lies in our ability to integrate mechanical, operational, and chemical variables with control concepts that minimize process variability and offer sustainable solutions for our customers and the environment

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