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3D TRASAR Technology for Cooling Water

3D TRASAR technology saves our global customers water, so much water, we built a counter to keep track of the savings.

Our global society is building road maps to sustainable development that conserve the earth's non-renewable resources. One of our most precious resources is water.

Cooling systems, no matter what their size or design, come with multiple operational challenges. Scale, corrosion, fouling, and biological growth...all are threats, and all can impact costs. Complicating the situation is the widely varying chemical composition of feedwater.

3D TRASAR technology for Cooling Water utilizes unique real-time monitoring, patented actives based control technology, proprietary stress resistant chemistry and 24/7 information management capabilities to detect, determine and deliver improved scale, corrosion and microbiological performance in cooling systems. Therefore, the 3D TRASAR system detects the upsets that precede scaling, corrosion and biofouling and then delivers the appropriate chemical response. The result is a balanced, efficient and safe cooling system. Less maintenance, no over- or under-dosing of chemicals, lower operating costs and maximum asset protection are the key deliverables.