Oil Spill Dispersants

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Oil Spill Dispersants

Despite efforts to handle a spill at sea, oil can reach the shoreline. Protecting the shoreline is of utmost importance, since this is the area where significant environmental impact and greater cleanup costs can occur.

Nalco is a leader in supplying environmentally safe and acceptable oil spill control products that have been proven effective in response situations around the world.

Our programs include:

  • A wide range of safe, proven products 
  • Reliable worldwide supply capabilities 
  • Extensive, worldwide application experience

Oil on a water surface can be naturally broken-up or dispersed by wave motion.  This natural process is slow and often incomplete.  A slick can travel long distances or impact sensitive shorelines during this unpredictable process.  If the oil does not naturally disperse, the formation of water-in-oil emulsions (mousse) and tar balls will occur.  COREXIT® dispersants were developed to aid this natural process.  By reducing the oil/water interfacial tension, the oil film's cohesive strength can be drastically reduced.  This makes it easier for the natural motion of the sea to break up the slick.  Very small droplets are formed and complete dispersion is often possible within half an hour.  Mousse and tar ball formation is prevented.