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Nalco Latin American Headquarters
Av. Das Nações Unidas 17.891
6° andar Santo Amaro
São Paulo-SP
Tel: +55-11-5644-6500
Fax: +55-11-5641-6791

Iron Sulfide Dissolvers/Dispersants

Through highly developed people, processes, technology and chemical applications, Nalco aims to bring the latest FeS dissolver chemistries to the customer with the intent of maximizing production while minimizing losses. While several forms of FeS do exist, and known tools (acid treatment and mechanical cleaning) are available to remove it, at Nalco we continue to develop chemistries that are aimed at dissolving, sequestering, dispersing or inhibiting ferrous sulfides. The benefits associated with our chemistries are elimination of FeS related operational problems such as under deposit corrosion, decreasing water clarifiers and emulsion breaker consumption, increase injectivity of injection wells while lowering injection well head pressure, increase production, reduction of production equipment failures associated with corrosion and plugging, and elimination of H2S generation when treating with these products. The symptoms associated with FeS that have been observed throughout the oil and gas industry comprise of pyrophosphoric powder, black water, emulsion and pad stabilization, difficulty with water clarification system, injection well and equipment plugging, under deposit corrosion, fouling of low permeability production and injection zones, sheen, schmoo formation and oil and gas production decrease.

Nalco continues to provide professional support structure, people and processes to solve FeS performance issues rapidly through chemical solutions, process optimization, and proven problem solving ability. This structure is critical for decreasing production downtime due to corrosion, deposits, or separation issues, subsequently increasing process efficiency.