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Overhead Aqueous Corrosion Protection

Crude Unit Reliability – In Real Time

Changing operations and crudes can lead to overhead corrosion challenges. Respond to changes faster and improve crude unit reliability with real time information from Nalco’s PATHFINDER overhead condensing system model.

  • Minimize corrosion events - get fast accurate analyses to quickly respond to changing operating conditions
  • Be proactive – with historical trends of corrosion indicators such as water dew point and amine and ammonia salt formation – help identify root causes and avoid future corrosion excursions

Nalco’s new PATHFINDER has merged together the capabilities of our rigorous thermodynamic process simulator, Monitor™, with our water ion balance technology to help boost crude unit reliability. Paired with accumulator water analysis in the field, PATHFINDER will quickly and accurately determine critical corrosion control parameters such as:

  • Condensing system pH profile
  • Water dew point
  • Amine and ammonia salt formation temperatures
  • Aid in neutralizer selection – pick the right amine for your operating conditions
  • Determine neutralizing amine demand
  • Calculate thermodynamic wash water requirements

Most importantly - this capability is available from every Nalco engineer at every customer site around the globe. Using detailed accumulator water analysis performed in the field, Nalco engineers can determine all of this information with same-day turnaround. Imagine having information such as strong and weak acid concentrations, water dew point, and salt formation temperatures at your fingertips in real-time!