Chemical Savings

Our integrated MOC approach provides our customers with cost effective and high-performance solutions to meet the challenges of their unique markets. Nalco’s RDF programs can be applied to a wide variety of paper grades and furnishes. Specific programs are selected based on proven laboratory screening procedures and on-machine testing protocols. Nalco also provides functional chemistries that assist in developing sheet properties and promote machine productivity.

Direct impact

Indirect impact

  • Bleaching chemicals
  • Wet strength resin
  • Fabric life
  • Optical brightener

Value Delivered: Dry Strength Aid Case Study

Grade: Corrugated Medium
Background: 1 ply Fourdinier 70,000 T/y. Size press. Upt to 70 Kg/T of native starch
Application: OxiPRO for board and packaging
  • No strength variability during the year, strength on specifications
  • 30 Kg/T of starch savings
  • Production increased
  • Estimated annual savings: US$600,000

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Value Delivered: Yankee Coating Case Study

Grade: Tissue
Background: Crescent former; twin press roll; 2,000 m/min
Application: Tulip
  • 11% bulk increase in toilet grade
  • Reduced fiber usage
  • Estimated annual savings: US$1,200,000

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