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Brochure: 3D TRASAR® Boiler Technology

Delivering Superior Sustainability Performance

In today’s challenging business environment, companies are continuously striving to enhance safety, reliability, profitability and efficiency, while trying to improve overall sustainability performance, including environmental compliance. Excellent control of boiler water chemistry is essential in maintaining the energy efficiency and integrity of steam and heat generating systems. Poor management of heat transfer surfaces and water use can have major impacts upon system performance and asset integrity. Our new and innovative 3D TRASAR Boiler Technology can make a significant contribution to your goals.

3D TRASAR Boiler Technology is the innovative and unique boiler treatment package designed to deliver superior sustainability performance, operational efficiency, and asset protection. This ground-breaking technology continuously responds to changes in boiler operation and feedwater quality, reducing system corrosion, ensuring clean waterside surfaces, and minimising water and energy resource use.

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3D TRASAR Boiler Technology
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