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Air Protection Technologies

As a world leader in combustion optimization and multi-pollutant reduction, Nalco Mobotec brings innovative solutions to the world's global air pollution

The Nalco Air Protection Technologies (APT) group provides comprehensive mercury emission control solutions for coal-fired power plants. The Nalco APT approach maximizes the utilization and return on investment of air quality control devices (ACQDs) that reduce pollutant emissions. Nalco mercury solutions require only minimal modification of existing equipment and can be implemented at a lower cost than competitive technology.

Nalco APT MerControl® Mercury Control Technologies

Enable Regulatory Compliance

The Nalco suite of mercury control solutions enable over 95% mercury reduction, providing platform technologies to meet current and future mercury emission requirements. The MerControl suite of products provides high levels of mercury removal enabling compliance with stringent emissions limits including the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS or Utility MACT).

Low Capital Cost

Application of Nalco mercury control technologies require minimal capital expenditures for installation and work with existing of air quality control devices (ACQDs) to reduce annual O&M costs.

Minimal Impact on Plant Operation

Our goal at Nalco is to maximize the co-benefits of existing AQCDs to reduce overall reagent usage rates and to reduce balance of plant impacts.

Preserve By-Product Utilization

The application of Nalco mercury control technologies does not result in any negative effects on resale value of coal combustion by-products. MerControl 7895 technology can eliminate/reduce the negative effects of activated carbon on fly ash resale value for concrete applications. MerControl 8034 technology has been shown to completely eliminate mercury re-emission without impact to gypsum quality. MerControl 6012 mercury sorbent is non-carbon and non-halogen, and provides mercury capture in SDA/CDS.


Contact our mercury specialists today to schedule a demonstration of our chemistries at your facility. Nalco provides equipment, measurement, and on-site trial support to examine any of our mercury removal technologies as well as any competitive technologies in the market place, to find the lowest cost solution while meeting your specific constraints and goals.

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