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Refinery Process Applications

Nalco does not treat problems in isolation. We take a broad view of your systems and challenges, and develop practical yet well-engineered solutions that work in harmony with your existing operations. Nalco’s onsite technical experts invest the time to thoroughly understand the Mechanical, Operational and Chemical aspects of each system in order to deliver a tailor-made action plan for improving reliability and reducing total cost of operation. 

The RESOLV® crude oil management program is a comprehensive approach that addresses varying challenges posed by undesirable crude oil qualities. Enhancing removal of salts, water and metals, the RESOLV program optimizes desalter and tankage performance.

Nalco’s PATHFINDER® corrosion control program controls overhead corrosion by combining predictive process modeling software, unique filmers and patented neutralizers as well as innovative monitoring systems.

SCORPION II® high temperature corrosion inhibitor program will protect your equipment from non-aqueous naphthenic or sulfidic corrosion allowing you to take advantage of discounted high acid crudes.

MONITOR® exchanger monitoring software rapidly determines fouling and optimum cleaning frequency. When combined with our unique THERMOGAIN® antifoulant chemistry, it allows refiners to reduce problems associated with crude unit fouling, resulting in lower energy usage, minimized maintenance cost and optimized throughput rates.