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Oxygen Scavengers

At Nalco, water based oxygen scavengers are widely used in seawater injection and production separation systems as a tool to prevent oxygen induced corrosion. The level of dissolved oxygen in these systems is required to be kept at a concentration no greater than 20 parts per billion. It is imperative that dissolved oxygen is excluded from all surface equipment to include vessels, surface supply lines, and related equipment / tank associated with seawater and produced water injection systems.

Removal of dissolved oxygen from seawater and produced waters can be accomplished via mechanical and chemical methods. The former consist of gas stripping or vacuum deaeration. Oxygen removal via chemical methods utilizes oxygen scavengers. Method selection depends on a number of factors, including the amount of oxygen present in the fluids and the amount of capital expense that the operator is willing to commit. Seawater injection systems generally handle water with higher dissolved concentrations and typically use deaeration towers in combination with oxygen scavenger for polishing. Nalco has continued to develop new technologies to address the upcoming production needs faced by those applications in the Enhanced Oil Recovery applications. Nalco Engineers can assist you in identifying and selecting the most cost-effective equipment and chemical for your facility, apply the scavenger treatments, and monitor the results to ensure optimum performance.

Benefits to you:

• Improved environmental, health and safety compliance
• Maximized throughput while increasing production efficiency
• Improved water quality
• Improved injectivity
• Improved operational reliability