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MERQUAT® Conditioning Polymers

Since the 1970s, MERQUAT Conditioning Polymers have been chosen by formulators as the name they trust to deliver the desired benefits to their formulations. The MERQUAT brand has evolved into the most broad range of conditioning polymers on the market today. If your application requires moisturization, ease of combing, positive skin feel, enhanced foam, static reduction, sheen, prevention of hair color fading or enhanced slip, there is a MERQUAT skin or hair care polymer to meet your needs.

MERQUAT polymers are available in solution and dry forms and a range of molecular weights, charge densities and active polymer concentrations.

MERQUAT polymers have an established and successful track record in thousands of formulations worldwide, including shampoos, conditioners, hair colors and bleaches, perms and relaxers, hair styling products, liquid soaps, shower gels, creams and lotions, soap bars, shaving products and mascaras. If you are looking for proven solutions in any of the areas above, we can work with you to determine a specific solution to meet your needs.