Membrane Bioreactor

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Membrane Bioreactor

Membrane bioreactors (MBR) combines membrane separation process with biological treatment of wastewater. The MBR technology has several advantages over conventional biological treatment: 

  • Provides high quality effluent suitable for recycle 
  • Reduces land requirement by 50% 
  • Lowers bio-sludge production

What is the Membrane Performance Enhancer (MPE) technology for MBR?
Nalco has developed a patented technology with specialized chemistry to improve performance of MBR. Nalco’s MPE technology is easy to implement (direct addition to bioreactor tank) and technology is compatible with MBR membranes. The MPE chemistry adsorbs to sludge particles and is retained in bioreactor. In essence, the MPE dosage is based on sludge in bioreactor and not on incoming flow rate, resulting in a significant reduction in treatment costs.