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Flow Assurance

At Nalco, we have invested significantly in new laboratories and people to meet the ever-changing technology drivers for operators in the most unique operating environments.  This is especially true for the deepwater and ultra-deepwater markets.  Deepwater and ultra-deepwater operations require a high level of expertise and commitment. These challenges include high viscosity at subsea temperatures, formulation stability to account for shifts in temperature and pressure, formulation purity for delivery of high-performance chemicals in pristine condition, as well as chemical compatibility with umbilical construction materials.

Umbilical chemicals must be effective at low concentrations to inhibit corrosion, prevent scale, hydrate, asphaltene, and/or paraffin deposits and mitigate against emulsion-related viscosity problems. They must also be stable at ocean temperatures near freezing and downhole temperatures of 250F or higher. SurFlo® Plus Certified chemistries have been specifically developed to meet these demanding requirements and are field proven, Best-In-Class chemical programs for umbilical applications all over the world.

We have created innovative technologies for these markets, many of which are summarized below.

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