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ENERSPERSE Technology for Corrosion Inhibition

Operators of rod-pumped gas wells are constantly searching for ways to minimize their corrosion-related operating costs, while at the same time maintaining the positive performance they have achieved with conventional batch inhibitor treatments. Nalco developed the Enersperse® batch treatment system to address those needs, and for nearly 20 years this treatment program has provided unparalleled corrosion control for rod-pumped wells, managing corrosion more efficiently and at lower costs compared to conventional inhibitors.

The Enersperse treatment is a unique application method that improves on conventional batch treatments by providing a more persistent inhibitive film on downhole production tubulars.

Enersperse corrosion inhibitors offer several unique properties and benefits, including:

• A high degree of film persistency
• Efficient movement through production fluid in the annulus, ensuring that the inhibitor films out in the tubular where needed
• Decreased water quality problems that are commonly associated with conventional downhole batch inhibitors
• Effectiveness against both CO2 and H2S-induced corrosion
• Reduced chemical treatment costs, as fewer treatment trips to individual wells are required per month

Specialized Treatment For Your Field Conditions
Nalco does not take a "One size fits all approach" to the Enersperse treatment program. Nalco's field representatives incorporate their years of experience to develop effective, customized Enersperse programs for specific customers. This process begins with a comprehensive technical audit of the operator's current production and treatment situation in which produced fluids, deposits and equipment failures are analyzed. Nalco also performs an economic assessment of the producer's current well failure situation and proposes ways to optimize the program such that operating costs are minimized, lowering your Total Cost of Operations (TCO).