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Nalco Company
WPS Headquarters 
1601 W. Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563-1198
630-305-1000  Phone

Nalco Energy Services Headquarters 
7705 Highway 90-A
Sugar Land, TX  77478
281-632-6500  Phone


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Drag Reducing Agents

Drag reducers – also known as Drag Reducing Agents, DRAs and Flow Improvers -- are any material that reduces frictional pressure during fluid flow in a conduit or pipeline. Using DRAs allows increased flow using the same amount of energy or decreased pressure drop for the same flow rate of fluid in pipelines. The current class of DRAs, such as Lubrizol Specialty Products Inc.(LSPI) range of LiquidPower™ Flow Improver products, consist of long-chain hydrocarbon polymers that act as buffers along the pipe wall to decrease the amount of energy lost in turbulent formation.. Nalco and LSPI work together to identify applications of DRA in select regions of the world.

For more information, contact your local Nalco or LSPI office.