Corrosion Inhibitors

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Corrosion Inhibitors

Nalco’s technical experts specialize in corrosion and corrosion mitigation. Our customers have access to premium corrosion solutions via our:

Global field experience

Successful treatment programs for oil and gas systems, under both CO2 and H2S environments

Proven monitoring technologies

Innovative new chemistries that meet new corrosion challenges in high solids systems, deepwater platforms and high temperatures and pressures

Through extensive testing at our global laboratories, we screen new inhibitor actives under conditions of low and high shear and sweet (CO2) and sour (H2S) environments. Nalco research labs are noted for their detailed testing methods. In the area of corrosion, one of the most powerful tools for evaluating inhibitor performance is our recalculating flow loop that imitates the diverse conditions and shear stresses that produced fluids would encounter in real-world oilfields. Nalco's experience also helps customers deal with under-deposit corrosion challenges.

Our comprehensive innovations such as Clean n Cor® Technology, ENERCEPT® Inhibitors, ENERCEPT® Extreme Inhibitors and ENERSPERSE® Inhibitors, blended with our knowledge of traditional technologies, allow us to offer site specific corrosion mitigation strategies and monitoring tactics that maximize oil and gas production and significantly decrease the total cost of operations for operator’s assets.

Additional product lines include:
• Biocides
• Scale Inhibitors
• Multi-functional Inhibitors

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