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Sustainability Report

Note: Effective December 1, 2011 Nalco merged with Ecolab Inc. The information below is provided for historical purposes and will be updated as Nalco integrates with Ecolab.

Our 2010 Sustainability Report continues to expand our results reporting beyond our previous reports. This report contains:

  • Expanded information on our Shareholder Dialogue efforts
  • Three distinct sections on Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability
  • The addition of new metrics to track our sustainability efforts
  • A separate Detailed Appendix that contains the in-depth information that supports our Sustainability Report

You can view and download our 2010 Sustainability Report and the Detailed Appendix. You can also learn more about our sustainability progress here:

GRI Index
Scope of Reporting
Message from our Chairman 
Stakeholder Dialogue
Economic Sustainability 
Environmental Sustainability 
Social Sustainability

Your feedback on the expanded report document and our extended web reporting is welcome at