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PermaCare® Membrane Treatment Chemicals

Our three-part solution of service, products and equipment includes great products to enhance membrane performance. Whether you're exploring our chemical membrane product offerings for the first time or you're already familiar with them, we'll work with you to find the right solutions.


Antiscalants, or chemical "scale inhibitors," prevent mineral deposits from building on your membrane, causing fouling. Our PermaTreat® product line helps resolve these problems-and in almost every instance, at a lower cost than it would be to use ion exchange to remove hardness. When you combine our highly effective antiscalants with our RO TRASAR technology, you know that the dosing always is right, not too much (which can lead to polymer fouling), not too little (which will lead to mineral scaling), but just the right amount.

Cleaning products

When a membrane does need cleaning, our PermaClean® chemical product line removes most foulants and restores performance in all types of membrane systems. We can provide you cleaners specifically formulated to remove mineral scale, insoluble scale, organic fouling or microbial residue.


Biofouling is inevitable in every membrane system, however, using Nalco's PermaClean biocides you can minimize the impact of biogrowth on the operation of your RO system. The right biocide program can reduce your need for membrane cleaning, reducing your overall cost of operation. Our PermaClean® biocides are membrane safe and can be used online or offline.


Water pretreatment before reverse osmosis is essential to the successful operation of a membrane system. Our chemical pretreatment product line is PermaFloc®, and we will help you optimize your pretreatment process.

With Nalco's patented PT TRASAR technology for dose control, residuals monitoring and online optimization, your pretreatment can reach a new level of performance-where your throughput is increased, frequency of cleaning and membrane replacement is reduced, and your total cost of operation is decreased.

Membrane Performance Enhancer

PermaCare® MPE™, our line of membrane performance enhancers, will, in most cases, increase your Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) throughput by 30-100%, while at the same time reducing the rate of membrane fouling.