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Nalco Polska Sp. z o.o. is the Polish division of Nalco Company, a chemical company founded in 1928 in the USA. We have been operating in the field of water system chemical treatment and industrial process improvement for over 75 years.

Nalco offers products, programs and services, which help improve the efficiency of industrial plants, optimize production processes and save energy. We employ over 11,000 employees who help solve customers problems using specialized chemicals and the most up-to-date technology. Our annual income from the sale of products and services is over $4 billion.

In 1993, Nalco Polska Sp. z o.o. started its activity with five employees. Presently 35 persons are employed in Poland. The company's organizational headquarters and the main warehouse are located in Tychy, while the company's registered office is in Warsaw.

Investments Repaid
Our mission is to provide customers with innovative programs, products and services which will create operating value and which will bring a determined repayment of investment. The services provided by Nalco should improve efficiency and productivity in the customers’ plants and eventually bring determined profits. We understand, that every customer’s principle is to ensure a certain profit increase in order to boost their competitiveness in the international market. All products, processes and services offered by Nalco have been designed for this purpose.

Technologies for Industry
For many years now Nalco has kept its position as world leader as regards the chemical treatment of industrial water and process additives. We help manage water resources reasonably, by offering optimal water preparation and exploitation programs. Nalco offers efficient solutions for every stage of the chemical treatment of industrial water systems:

  • preparation of the water for ion-exchanger membrane installations;
  • ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis units;
  • open and closed cooling systems;
  • water and steam circulation systems;
  • sewage treatment and waste dehydration.

We provide integrated chemical assistance: preparation of technical and business drafts; supply of chemicals and dose-measuring equipment; activation; technological and technical services.

Efficient Solutions
Nalco constantly seeks to improve the general efficiency of industrial production by increasing the life-span of equipment, improving efficiency and productivity, as well as diminishing the costs of energy in the power industry, papermaking, mining and mineral processing industry.

We implement the most up-to-date methods and technologies, which improve the effectiveness of industrial production by means of close cooperation with experts and consultants. Meeting customers' expectations is our principal goal.

The Natural Environment
Nalco represents a progressive approach to the issues concerning environmental protection. All Nalco employees represent a policy of responsibility for our environment and for human safety. We offer a range of modern programs, which help produce low polluted waste, allow water reutilisation, prevent atmospheric pollution and save energy.

Nalco Products and Services can be used in the Following Processes:

  • Water treatment
  • steam and water systems
  • water cooling systems
  • water preparation
  • sewage treatment
  • Production of paper and cellulose
  • Crude oil extraction and processing
  • Surface preparation

Our Services are aimed at the Following Branches of Industry:

  • Chemical
  • petrochemical and refining
  • metallurgical
  • mining
  • power
  • food and beverage
  • machine
  • pulp & paper
  • healthcare
  • hygiene
  • public facilities

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