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Nalco Company
WPS Headquarters 
1601 W. Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563-1198
630-305-1000  Phone
630-305-2900  Fax

Nalco Energy Services Headquarters 
7705 Highway 90-A
Sugar Land, TX  77478
281-263-7000  Phone


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Nalco's Ethics Information

Nalco requires ethical business conduct by all of its employees. Our Code of Ethical Business Conduct is a listing of required conduct and policies that each employee is expected to comply with. Failure to meet any of the Code requirements is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. 

If you wish to report a concern you may use the Nalco Ethics Line or Web site or contact Nalco’s Legal Department or Internal Audit Department directly.

Nalco Ethics Telephone Line and Web Site

You may report your concerns to an objective third party service. Subject to the terms and conditions of our policy and law, you have the option of remaining anonymous.

From the U.S. and Canada call toll free 1-888-749-1949.

From any other country, click here for a directory of access codes to use with the toll free phone number. If your country is not listed or you cannot use the access codes and toll free number, please call collect at 1-770-582-5201.

You may submit a report through a secure Web site.

Reports from Nalco employees in the EU should be limited to issues involving illegal or unethical conduct relating to accounting or financial matters.

Legal Department

You may also report any concerns by contacting our Legal Department:

Fax Number:          630-305-2985
E-Mail Address:ethics@nalco.com