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The establishment of the Nalco office in Vienna in 1972 marks the beginning of Nalco’s activities in the territory of Croatia. The collaboration with industrial enterprises developed especially after 1990, by establishing a representation office in Zagreb. Since then there has been a continuity of collaboration, which was not even interrupted during the war in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Today Croatia is a very important segment of Nalco’s market. The task of the group of engineers working in Croatia is to apply and maintain the latest state-of-the-art Nalco technology for the total management of water and processing equipment. This is being done throughout the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries as well as energy supplies.

Following the European development policy, the field of activity has been extended to food, pharmaceutical and textile industries as well as to institutional and tourist sites. These customers receive technical and logistic support either directly or through a network of specially trained and accredited distributors.

As in other markets, our customers in Croatia have recognized the benefits from their investment in comprehensive Nalco programmes related to water treatment and other processing equipment owing to the reduction of total operational business costs while maintaining the highest ecological and safety standards.

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