Introduced into the Chinese market in 1970s, Nalco water treatment technology and service gives a boost to the development of China's water treatment industry. Nalco has established a technology and training center as well as China headquarters - Nalco (China) Environment Solutions Co., Shanghai. Other Nalco legal entities in China include Nalco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Nalco Industrial Services (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Nalco Industrial Services (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. With twenty sales offices in China, Nalco has over 800 employees, including more than 500 sales engineers and technical service personnel. Nalco's business covers various industries, such as paper manufacturing, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, steel, power, electronic, automobile, food and beverage, hotel and institutions.

Nalco provides a wide variety of solutions for China industry with the scope of services encompassing water and process treatment chemicals, automation, feed and control equipment and systems, filtration and ion exchange systems, engineering, consulting, and environment management. We cooperate with many industrial and institutional customers to develop safe, environment-friendly and cost-effective solutions to provide our customers with return on economic and environmental investment (eROI). With key programs such as 3D TRASAR® technology and advanced PORTA-FEED® chemical storage system, Nalco has become the industry leader in China.

The Nalco Shanghai Technology Center was inaugurated in 2009 to develop new technologies, products, services and integrated solutions and to provide advanced technical support to Nalco customers in China, Asia Pacific and globally. Currently operating with more than 60 highly experienced scientists and engineers, the Shanghai Technology Center serves as an innovation hub as well as advanced technical support resource center for all Nalco businesses, including Water, Paper, Mining, and Energy Service. Other shared capabilities such as automation, instrument analysis, and functional services are also available at the center to support business growth in the region. By allocating our knowledge-driven technical resources closer to our customers in Asia, the Shanghai Technology Center reinforces the cornerstone for Nalco’s future business growth as an industry leader, both regionally and globally.

Nalco also invested in a Training Centre at the Nalco China Headquarters to serve China and Asia Pacific needs. It is staffed by a full-time department of training and development professionals, including staff with extensive experience in various functions at Nalco. The Training Centre includes dedicated facilities that accommodate up to 105 participants at a time, with a flexible configuration of 2, 3 or 4 classrooms running simultaneously, and is used for a broad range of activities, including: new employee induction; accelerated basic training programs to support rapid deployment of staff into our field operations; instructor-led training of Nalco’s standard employee curricula; skill workshops and leadership development programs. The facility also supports customer seminars, bringing together industry experts from around the world to meet and discuss specific challenges facing industry in China, while introducing our clients to Nalco’s technologies and innovative solutions to their needs.

For Nalco, China is one of the largest and most important markets worldwide. Based on the deep understanding and knowledge of China's industry and the fast developing national environmental protection policies, we continuously introduce and develop new technology fit for the Chinese market, share global experience, actively participate in the formulation of industry standards and introduce customized sustainable solutions for meeting the increasing demand on sustainable development of Chinese companies.

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