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Nalco has had a presence in Argentina since 1981. The company has been a strong partner with Argentina’s steel industry, providing technology and service to improve the steelmaking process. Nalco’s primary industry in Argentina is in industrial water treatment. Argentina was one of the first countries to approve Merguard®, an innovative preservative from Nalco's cosmetics additives line.

Nalco Argentina S.R.L

Victoria Ocampo 360 3er Piso - Edificios Colonos Plaza - Torre Sur
Codigo Postal ( C1107BGA) - Puerto Madero
Ciudad de Buenos Aires- Argentina
Tel: +54-11-5552-2566
Tel: +54-11-5552-2533 (Energy Services)
Fax: +54-11-5552-2500
Fax: +54-11-5552-2544 (Energy Services)

Neuquen Calle 06257 S/N Esquina Calle 0627
8300 - Parque Industrial OESTE Neuquén
Tel: +54-29-94871300
Fax: +54-29-94871350

Calle 11 esq. 12 Parque Industrial Pilar
(B1629AAN) Pilar.
Tel: +54-230-4671010
Fax: +54-230-4671030